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Getting to Know Woo: A Series on the Cart and Checkout Blocks

Over the past months, the Cart and Checkout blocks were available as optional features in WooCommerce Core. Now, the time has come to transition the Cart and Checkout blocks out of the Beta phase and make them the default experience for all new users in the upcoming November release of WooCommerce Core.

As we introduce the Cart and Checkout blocks in WooCommerce Core, it’s important to note that several existing extensions currently integrated with the checkout flow will require updates for seamless compatibility.

Third-party developers must ensure their extensions are compatible with this new experience to deliver a cohesive shopping journey for our valued merchants. You can check the list of the supported extensions available in the marketplace here.

With that in mind, we have revisited the content in the Available Extensibility Interfaces for the Cart and Checkout blocks article that we published when we first began the journey to blockify the checkout. In this series of 5 articles over 5 days, we will offer third-party developers an updated tour through the available extensibility interfaces they can use to extend the Cart and Checkout blocks functionality for integrating their products. These posts will reference the documentation available in the WooCommerce Blocks GitHub repository. If you are ready to dive into integration work, the WooCommerce Blocks Handbook is the best starting point.

Series Schedule

We are here for you

If you need a new extensibility point, utility, or component, you should make a request in our GitHub repository. The WooCommerce team will thoroughly evaluate proposals for missing functionality based on key factors like feasibility, impact on the shopper experience, and priority compared to other roadmap initiatives. The clearer the use case, the better we are able to assess the priority of addressing the request.

If you have any questions during the integration process, our recommendation is to reach out on our GitHub Discussions section Q&A – Extension Integrations and Customizations or in the Community Slack #woocommerce-blocks-and-block-themes channel.

Our team usually prioritizes extensibility/integration-related questions, as they tend to be helpful for expanding the Checkout feature set and improving the shopper experience.

3 replies on “Getting to Know Woo: A Series on the Cart and Checkout Blocks”

Thank you for announcing the series of posts. We are very much looking forward to the posts for Tuesday and Wednesday and hope to learn new possibilities there.

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Hi Stephanie 👋

“If you have any questions during the integration process, our recommendation is to reach out on our GitHub Discussions section Q&A – Extension Integrations and Customizations or in the Community Slack #woocommerce-blocks-and-block-themes channel.”

Since the messages in the Slack channel can only be traced back up to 90 days, it would be great if questions are posted in the GitHub Discussions section so that other developers can find the questions and answers even after a longer period of time.


Hi there! Absolutely! We definitely encourage GitHub Discussions for lengthier conversations. However, sometimes people need a quick sanity check or have a question which might be answered by a peer, so we like to have the option of kicking those conversations off in the Slack.

Usually, when our developers identify that a topic requires a deeper discussion, they will route the community member to GH discussions.


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