Welcome to the WooCommerce Developer Hub! This is where we share and discuss all the big news about WooCommerce. If you’re curious about what we’re working on, or want to help us plan what’s coming next, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. News: We share all the updates about our work on WooCommerce in our Developer Blog.
  2. Future Plans: View what we’re building and planning in our Public Roadmap.
  3. Community: We’ll share updates about what’s happening in our community. Join us in the Woo Developer Community on Slack.

Just a note – this isn’t the best place for help with problems or for reporting bugs. We have special places for that – our support forum for questions and problems, and our issue tracker for bug reports. This keeps our developer hub focused on the big picture.

We’re glad you’re here. Let’s make WooCommerce better together!