April 2023 Contributor Day Recap

On April 19th, we hosted our very first WooCommerce Contributor day, which spanned all timezones and included contributors and Woo employees from at least 23 different countries. 

A few days prior to the event, we began to see the community jumping into the #woo-contributor-day_build-env channel as developers started to prep their environment for the event. We received great questions, which have made us take a closer look at our documentation so that future contributors have a smoother start. 

Once Contributor Day kicked-off, we were excited to see the community involvement and excitement. At one point, the Cart and Checkout team even had to add more issues as participants quickly worked through the existing list. 

By the numbers

The final tally was 8 pull requests in the woocommerce/woocommerce-blocks repo and 30 pull requests in the woocommerce/woocommerce core repo, for a total of 38 fixed issues. 

We received contributions from 24 developers from our community and roughly ~190 hours collective hours of work

As we had mentioned in our Contributor Day Guide, we are committed to honoring the time that the community is dedicating to the event, which is why we will be making a concerted effort to ensure that each group’s queue of issues that have open PRs are completed and merged prior to the upcoming release, WC 7.8, which is scheduled for June 13th, 2023.

Currently, all woocommerce/woocommerce-blocks Contributor Day issues have been merged, and we are halfway through merging Contributor Day woocommerce/woocommerce core issues.

V1 Contributor Day All Stars

A special thank you to the people below who have the honor of being the first ever participants of an official Woo Contributor Day. Thank you for your time and dedication in making the platform better.

We’re working on some special swag for those that contributed and will be reaching out to folks once we have more details.

See you in the PRs

We hope you loved Contributor Day as much as we did. We are looking forward to hosting more events like this, but in the meantime, don’t be a stranger to our contributions. Checkout the WooCommerce Core Getting Started Guide and WooCommerce Blocks Getting Started Guide to learn more about contributing to the project.

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  1. A huge thanks to all contributors! It was a pleasure working together with you. 🙌

  2. abdalsalaam Avatar

    Thank you for organizing this event; it was a valuable experience contributing to WooCommerce and engaging with the community. 🫶

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