Join Us for Developer Office Hours

Hey there, developers! It’s Shani from your friendly neighborhood Developer Advocacy Team coming to you with some exciting news.

We are looking forward to the return of Office Hours and wanted to give you two weeks to prepare. 

A little reminder about what Office Hours are about:

What Are Office Hours?

Office hours are an opportunity for developers to ask questions they need answered or share challenges they need help navigating. This is something that is already happening organically in our Slack channels, which is great! But now we also want to create dedicated blocks of time to make sure there is someone from our team who can help answer questions and facilitate the conversations around challenges.

 Accommodate Multiple Time Zones?

We are starting with one 60-minute time slot once a month on the third Wednesday at 14:00 UTC , beginning Wednesday November 23. We will announce these two weeks in advance to give you time to plan your attendance. For developers who aren’t able to be at their keyboards during these times, you can send questions ahead of time — we’ll try to address what we can during Office Hours, and you can catch up asynchronously. The Office Hours are just a dedicated block of time for developers to virtually congregate.

Great, When Can We Start?

Our first Office Hours will be November 23 14:00 UTC in the #developers channel on the WooCommerce Community Slack

We are very excited to have Luigi Teschio (@gigitux on with us, right after his Word Camp Italy Talk. In his own words, Luigi loves to work on Full Site Editing at Automattic and Woo and believes that “thanks to Site Editor and Blocks, we can take WordPress’ mission to the next level!” 

Some examples of questions you can bring to Luigi on November 23rd: 

  • How can I create a block?
  • What are the advantages of creating/working with blocks?
  • How can I improve the performance of blocks?
  • Why are Site Editor and Blocks the future of the WordPress/WooCommerce ecosystem?

This session is for new and experienced developers, and while we have our subject focus on FSE/Blocks, we are absolutely able to field other questions that we can bring to future sessions. 

We hope to see you there, and please comment below what subjects you’d like to focus on for future sessions. This will help us schedule  subject matter experts to answer all of your questions. 

Let’s build a great Woo-ture together! See you soon!

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