Facebook For WooCommerce 2.6.6

We are proud to announce a new version of the Facebook For WooCommerce plugin.

This release includes the long-awaited fix for the feed file generator. Currently available as an opt-in experimental feature from the Settings Debug section:

The new memory improved feed generator option.

After an initial testing period over a course of release or two, the new feed file generator will be enabled for everyone and the option will be removed.

In the new process, the products catalog is processed in batches and the whole process is orchestrated by the Action Scheduler framework. This allowed avoiding out-of-memory issues that were happening for large catalogs and also improved the admin panel performance during the generation process.

Another big improvement is the addition of internal product validation before attempting to synchronize the product to the Facebook catalog. If the code detects any issues it displays the information in the Facebook metabox in the product edit screen. For example:

Other shipped updates:

  • Improved compatibility with the Gutenberg Checkout Block
  • Improved ( more concise ) logs format
  • Default variation selection algorithm only selects published variations
  • New tracked variables: new feed enabled and feed generation time
  • Couple of small code refactors and cleanups preparing ground for future updates

Please visit the plugin documentation page to read more about the new feed generator and meta box sync functionality.

The plugin can be downloaded from woo.com and from wordpress.org.


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