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WooCommerce checkout: Call for testers

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce a round of WooCommerce checkout usability testing, and all are invited to participate!

Follow this link to participate in the test

The test shouldn’t take more than five to seven minutes. Clicking the link above will direct you to our testing platform Maze, where you’ll receive additional prompts and questions that will guide you through the experience. We’ll use the feedback to inform future design and development of the WooCommerce checkout experience. Thanks in advance for your participation!

By David Levin

Designerly things @ WooCommerce

3 replies on “WooCommerce checkout: Call for testers”

Praise to Heavens that you are looking at the woocommerce checkout.
Unfortunately, the customer experience is terrible at checkout and woocommerce cart, especially on smartphones.

Please evaluate the payment methods arranged in Tabs instead of lists, this is the main complaint I have daily with customers scrolling the page and choosing payment methods accidentally.


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