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Action Scheduler 3.2.0 Released

A new version of ActionScheduler is now rolled out and available for download. This version will also be included with WooCommerce 5.5 (July release) and onwards.

Notable changes in this release includes:

  1. Add a new index to the action table, reducing the potential for deadlocks. #695
  2. Additional safeguards put in place against processing future actions too early. #668, #671
  3. Add support for specifying no ordering when querying actions. #651
  4. When used alongside WooCommerce, additional diagnostic information (the active database store) is added to the System Status Report. #569
  5. Performance enhancements partly focused on the clean-up of expired actions. #678
  6. PHP8 compatibility fixes.

You can see the complete list of all the new commits in GitHub.

Thanks everyone for contributing for this release.

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