WooCommerce Blocks Release Notes

WooCommerce Blocks 4.7.0 Release Notes

There’s a new version of WooCommerce Blocks available! Version 4.7.0 is now available on and GitHub.

This release introduces: Several fixes around payment gateway display and extensibility interface, more stability around payment methods, styling fixes, and general fixes, check the changelog below for more information.

Dev note

A new configuration property is available to registered payment methods for additional handling of saved payment method tokens. See the updated payment method integration docs for details.

For Payment Method integrations with Block Checkout, the canPayArgument now includes billingData. This consists of the customer billing address, email, and phone number, so you can disable or enable a payment method conditionally based on those properties.



  • A new configuration property is available to registered payment methods for additional logic handling of saved payment method tokens. (3961)
  • Provided billing data to payment method extensions so they can decide if payment is possible. (3922)
  • Prevent errant payment methods from keeping Cart and Checkout blocks from loading. (3920)
  • Fix block elements that don’t play well with dark backgrounds. (3887)

Bug Fixes

  • Remove extra padding from payment methods with no description. (3952)
  • Fix "save payment" checkbox not showing for payment methods. (3950)
  • Fix cart preview when shipping rates are set to be hidden until an address is entered. (3946)
  • Sync cart item quantity if its Implicitly changed. (3907)
  • Fix FSE not being visible when WC Blocks was enabled. (3898)
  • Ensure sale badges have a uniform height in the Cart block. (3897)

By Nadir Seghir

Software Engineer on the WooCommerce Checkout team.

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