WooCommerce Blocks Release Notes

WooCommerce Blocks 2.8 release notes

Today we are releasing WC Blocks 2.8.0! It’s available for download from GitHub and

Beginning with 2.6.0, in which we included the preview for the Cart and Checkout blocks, WooCommerce Blocks has gone back to a bi-weekly release schedule. This allows us to ship improvements faster and get feedback earlier as a part of the development process.

More Cart and Checkout blocks improvements

This release introduces several improvements to how our blocks work with different themes. Blocks will inherit font colors of your theme, as well as interpolate border colors from the text color. Along with several updates and fixes to styles, this release also fixes an issue with Product Categories List block when used on full width, addresses respecting the tax settings in the shipping methods, and adds the ability to use cropped images in the All Products, Cart, Checkout, and All Reviews blocks.

cropped images in the Cart block.

You can read the full changelog below:

  • bug: Cart and Checkout blocks display shipping methods with tax rates if that’s how it’s set in the settings. #2748
  • bug: Fix an error appearing in the Product Categories List block with Full Width align. #2700
  • enhancement: Added aria-expanded attribute to Change address button in the Cart block #2603
  • enhancement: Fix updating the wc_reserve_stock stock_quantity value after making changes to the cart inbetween checkouts. #2747
  • enhancement: Remove background color from Express checkout title. #2704
  • enhancement: Several style enhancements to the Cart and Checkout blocks sidebar. #2694
  • enhancement: The Cart and Checkout blocks now use the font colors provided by the theme. #2745
  • enhancement: Update some class names to match the new guidelines. Check the docs in order to see which class names have been updated. #2691 [DN]
  • enhancement: Blocks now respect the product image cropping settings. For the All Products block, the user can switch between the cropped thumbnail and the full size image. #2755

By Nadir Seghir

Software Engineer on the WooCommerce Checkout team.

8 replies on “WooCommerce Blocks 2.8 release notes”

Thanks for the feedback Ronan. Adding a signature pad to the checkout page would be something we’d most likely still leave to an extension vs making it a ‘core’ option.


Would be great if you could add additional features to the cart – such as additional checkboxes for certain items. … without this feature … can’t use blocks on the cart 😦


Hi – thanks for the feedback.

It would be great if you could perhaps give us a little more details on what additional features and/or checkboxes you require in order to make the checkout more functional – you can log those here:

In the future we will have extensions that will integrate with the new blocks that allow for greater customisation/more options like the current checkout field editor extension – but currently the current blocks are focused on providing the options the majority of stores need as defaults.


Hi Antony 👋

I’m assuming by your question that you’re referring to PHP based action and filter hooks which are typically used for extensibility in the WordPress environment.

Unfortunately I don’t have a direct answer for you at the moment. What I can tell you is that before these blocks show up in WooCommerce core, extensibility is something we definitely need to address. However, we’re not sure yet how the extensibility will be surfaced.

While do_action and apply_filters and friends will definitely still apply to various php extensibility pieces, the fact that these blocks are predominately client rendered does mean that the extensibility pieces will be JavaScript based as well. We’ve already implemented some extensibility patterns for Payment Method support (which is being refined) but definitely recognize there’s a whole bunch of needs there to bring some parity with the extensibility currently available via the shortcode based Cart and Checkout.

One thing guiding the design and implementation of the Cart and Checkout blocks is that with these being critical flows in the success of a store, we want to try to introduce extensibility that both allows for flexibility in adjusting those flows, but also does a better job at protecting the integrity of the flows vs the “anything goes” mindset behind traditional filter and action hooks behaviour. This ideally will provide some isolation of error/breakage in the flow along with helpful feedback about “what” is breaking a flow when something happens.

Since the work we’re doing in these blocks has the potential to power WooCommerce stores for quite some time when they are ready and merged to WooCommerce core, you can imagine we are trying to approach how we build them carefully. That’s largely the current reason why they exist currently in the feature plugin only.

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