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WooCommerce 4.2.1 Security and Fix Release

We’ve shipped a new release containing some security improvements for SelectWoo as well as other minor bugfixes. Here is the changelog for the release:

* Security - Escape HTML in SelectWoo.

**WooCommerce Admin 1.2.4**
* Tweak: reduce asset filename length and remove tilde characters. #4535
* Fix: RTL stylesheet loading for split code chunks. #4542

We highly recommend updating WooCommerce to this version as soon as possible.

Download the latest release of WooCommerce here or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

As usual, if you spot any other issues in the WooCommerce core, please log them in detail on GitHub. Found a security issue? Please submit a report via HackerOne.

7 replies on “WooCommerce 4.2.1 Security and Fix Release”


Thanks for reaching out! I see your problem has been solved in the support forum by our Happiness engineers, so hope all is working fine now.


In the latest version, I have problem. My website was working fine and I don’t know what happened. The Woocommerce REST API endpoints of Products and Orders is not working. I am unable to access in Woocommerce mobile app as well as the app of my store.


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