Storefront Theme Release Notes

Storefront 2.5.6 release notes

Storefront 2.5.6 has been tagged for release and uploaded to This is a small release focused on maintenance and compatibility fixes.

Here’s what’s new (pulled directly from the changelog):

- Enhancement - Custom site background color is now used in editor preview. 
- Fix - Ensure mobile sticky footer navigation links are visible when colours are customised (use header/nav colour scheme, consistent with 2.5.4 and earlier releases). 
- Fix – Fix issue where product and category images were not centered on homepage & category pages. 
- Fix – "Reveal password" button (eye icon) is now positioned correctly in new password fields (my account change password and signup). 
- Fix - Fix several mispositioned :focus rings (in Firefox and other browsers). 
- Fix – Ensure product images have appropriate bottom margin. 
- Fix – Buttons blocks now respect the border radius set by the user. 
- Fix - Buttons blocks now respect the border radius set by the user. 
- Fix - Buttons blocks no longer show an underline. 
- Fix – Product page, cart, and checkout layout fixes affecting stores with longer product names on smaller screens. 
- Fix - WordPress 5.4 compatibility – Text inside the Calendar block is now centered, in line with the Calendar widget. 
- Fix – WordPress 5.4 compatibility – Ensure block editor uses theme typography styling. 
- Fix – WordPress 5.4 compatibility – Adapt block editor width if sidebar widgets are present/disabled. 
- Compatibility - Disable the footer bar when used with Checkout or Cart blocks (currently in development). 
- i18n – Use correct direction arrow icons in RTL languages (next, previous and forward). 
- i18n – Fix inappropriate use of disambiguation context in admin notice 'or' string. 
- Tweak – Improve HTML5 compliance for enqueued scripts and styles. 
- Tweak – Removed unnecessary vertical-align css rule for button, select, input and textarea elements. 
- Dependencies – Update Font Awesome icon font to 5.13.0. 

Download the latest release of Storefront from, or venture over to Dashboard → Updates in your WordPress admin to update your theme.

As usual, if you see any issues, please log them in detail on Github.

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