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Dev chat summary – August 15th 2017

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from August 15th (agenda, Slack archive).

WooCommerce 3.2 update:

  • Last thing to work on is the Webhooks CRUD
  • The discounts/coupon API work is merged into master. Dev blog post coming this week.
  • Asked developers to check against master coupons for compatibility due to the refactors.
  • Asked for more feedback (user feedback) on SelectWoo which is also in master.

Roadmap update:

  • Still looking at tools. Likely going with Trello for the public roadmap.
  • The setup should be columns for each quarter, card per item, with user-friendly, non-dev speak descriptions.
  • vs Github, Github is dev-speak. And github is for the technical implementation details. Roadmap is user facing/high level.

Separate payments from orders:


  • WC Dashboard idea to house messages/notices.
  • Frontend things like checkout not getting much attention. To be worked on later in the year.
  • Re-opened the checkout issue for feedback.
  • Stock add/subtract from CSV import accepted. Needs logging on github.

By Mike Jolley

Mike Jolley is a tech hobbyist, astrophotographer, retro gamer, and software engineer who works at Automattic and contributes to open-source projects such as WordPress and WooCommerce.

3 replies on “Dev chat summary – August 15th 2017”

Where do we comment on “Re-opened the checkout issue for feedback” ?

I have a PayPal Pro and Google Analytics issue where the code is placed for the Hosted iFrame with it being on the “thanks page” rather than the “checkout page”



Hi Mike,
I submitted it as a bug however its not a logged bug one through the WooCommerce site as PayPal Pro is working and google analytics isnt picking the sales up. Both are WooCommerce Offical Plugins (1 paid)

The rework required would be a improvement feature to be moved from Thanks “order-received” to “checkout” page to enable Google Analytics to confirm the order like usual standard PayPal , cheque payments etc

This is issue is with the (PayPal Hosted Pro iframe paid WooCommerce plugin).

If you could guide me who I need to contact for this to be reviewed and looked over?

Customers are in effect being sent to the Order Confirmation page before they have actually paid? ideally the iFrame needs to be located on the “checkout” page like on Magento etc… then onto “order-received” as usual when “PayNow” is pressed? Is there a different team who work on the Paid modules?



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