Dev Chat Summary: April 25th

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from April 25th. (agenda, Slack archive).

Product Admin UI

  • Mock-up of proposed redesign.
  • The UI changes are primarily to reduce confusion with new users.
  • Product data panel remains the same.
  • Primary concerns are about existing plugins that add fields still being compatible with the redesign, especially the price fields area.
  • Auto-generating SKUs will be tricky to get right.

CRUD Search Helpers

  • Standardized way for developers to get information out of the database without having to worry about the actual database structure.
  • Information will be retrieved using WC_Object_Query objects similar to WP_Query.
  • This is under development now. See this pull request for an initial implementation.
  • WC_Object_Query objects support querying by props and a subset of the parameters WP_Query supports.
  • 3.1 will have Order and Product queries.

Importer / Exporter

  • Please provide feedback on the proposed schema.
  • Fields that don’t match a known field get imported as meta data.
  • Handling of serialized data is a concern.
  • We need to work out a good solution for a long-running import. One option is a background process with periodic polling to get the status.

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