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WooCommerce 2.6 Release Candidate

The release candidate for WooCommerce 2.6 “Zipping Zebra” is now available.

RC means we think we’re done, but with thousands of users and hundreds of plugins and themes with WooCommerce support, it’s possible we’ve missed something. We hope to ship WooCommerce 2.6.0 on Tuesday, June 14th, but we need your help to get there.

Since beta 4, we’ve made a handful of fixes and tweaks you can view here. Notable changes include:

Think you’ve found a bug? Please post in detail to Github.

To test WooCommerce 2.6 RC1, you can use our WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin or you can download the release candidate here (zip).

For more information about what’s new in 2.6, check out Beta 1beta 2beta 3 and beta 4 blog posts.

In related news, Simplify Commerce is being deprecated in core. Bundling gateways within WooCommerce core is not ideal as it means we need to do core updates to patch gateway issues, when it would be more efficient to patch the gateway itself. When you update you’ll be prompted to install the replacement Simplify Commerce plugin instead which is now hosted on and supports WooCommerce 2.6+

Additonally, we’ll be promoting a few other gateways during the setup wizard which again can be downloaded from These include:

All free and open source.

If you haven’t tested WooCommerce 2.6 yet, now is the time!

Developers, please test your plugins and themes against WooCommerce 2.6 before next week. If you find compatibility problems, we never want to break things, so please be sure to post to Github so we can figure those out before the final release.

Translators, it is important than we translate 100% of the WooCommerce 2.6 strings so translations are downloaded automatically on update. Your help is most welcome!

Store ownersread this helpful guide on preparing for the update.

By Mike Jolley

Mike Jolley is a tech hobbyist, astrophotographer, retro gamer, and software engineer who works at Automattic and contributes to open-source projects such as WordPress and WooCommerce.

15 replies on “WooCommerce 2.6 Release Candidate”

“We hope to ship WooCommerce 2.6.0 on Tuesday, June 7th, but we need your help to get there.”

That’s today? I think the date is incorrect?
Good luck with the RC.


I’m testing out the new WooCommerce Account pages and how they’ll mix with our current setup (so far: not well, but that’s what testing is for)

Some things I’m seeing right away:

1) It’s not clear how to remove pages from the my account navigation. If you don’t want, say, the “downloads” tab, how are you meant to get rid of it? First instinct would be to get rid of the text set for the endpoint under settings, but this just causes the downloads navigation link to 404.

2) There’s no way to control the titles of the navigation choices. I’m assuming that’s because they’re going to be translatable strings, but I think it also makes sense to just let people change them in the settings–the same way you can change the visible name of payment gateways. The “Edit Account” page is listed as “Edit Account” in the settings (when setting endpoints) but shows up as “Account Details” in the frontend. Not only does “Account Details” make less sense as a page title for the end user, but it makes no sense that the name of the page changes between the front- and backend.

3) Similar to the previous point–“Edit Account” is the 4th endpoint you set in the backend, but suddenly shows up second to last in the frontend. That’s something that I think users would expect to be listed first. Once again, would be great if the endpoint options could be re-ordered, just like payment gateways can be.

Like – this explains how to add tabs, and the same can be done to remove etc.

1. is a non-issue since this endpoint won’t appear if you have no downloads.

2. They are localised.

3. They are added via hooks/filters, so re-ordering via backend is not really how we want it to be done. Plus those endpoints in the backend are not all listed in the nav; just the main pages/endpoints are.

You have more control over what was there previously (everything on one page).



In abstract-wc-shipping-method.php
Why are you adding product data to the shipping item meta?

// Store package data
if ( $args[‘package’] ) {
$items_in_package = array();
foreach ( $args[‘package’][‘contents’] as $item ) {
$product = $item[‘data’];
$items_in_package[] = $product->get_title() . ‘ × ‘ . $item[‘quantity’];
$rate->add_meta_data( __( ‘Items’, ‘woocommerce’ ), implode( ‘, ‘, $items_in_package ) );


OK, makes sense.
But is there a way to stop it from adding the data if the order isn’t split?


Don’t know if this is the right place to mention this…but I’m testing out the release candidate on an existing store and while most everything seems to be working great, I get a 404 when trying to view the “Subscriptions” tab on the new tabbed My Account page.

Am I the only one experiencing this or is this functionality broken at the moment?

Subscriptions (and all other plugins + storefront theme) is updated to the latest version…just checked.


Huh, it actually did help. Odd, I didn’t think to try that since everything else is working.

However, though I now see the subscriptions list, the tab menu along the left is doubled up for some reason ( All other tabs seem to be fine and don’t exhibit this issue.


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