Hooray! The Helpful Hedgehog is here


It’s with great excitement that we announce WooCommerce 2.4 is live!

Since 2.3 back in February there have been 1800 commits from 24 contributors, and 77 issues have been closed. A huge round of applause for those involved! Feature highlights include:

As far as testing and QA goes we’ve:

So we’re happy with the stability of 2.4.0 and don’t anticipate any drama. As always however, we do recommend testing sites on a staging environment prior to upgrade, and ensuring the latest versions of all extensions are running.

Developers who have not yet tested plugins and themes, or whom have found issue, should read this post regarding possible conflicts and template file updates.

Our top contributors
Our top contributors

Also a shout out to our translators who have been updating translations. If you want to get involved in translation, or you’ve spotted some missing strings, you can get involved on our Transifex.

If you spot a bug in 2.4, don’t forget to log a detailed report on Github.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy this release!

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