2.2 Prowling Pangolin Beta 2

Work continues on 2.2 and we’re getting closer to an end-of-month release. Don’t forget to test your extensions and themes!

Changes since beta 1

You can view a comparison between beta 1 and master here, but notable changes include:

  • Prefixed get_order() to make wc_get_order()
  • Prefixed get_product() to match – wc_get_product() (soft deprecated)
  • Added info about the refunder in the backend refund system
  • Fixed stock logic for parents and children variations
  • Added some backwards compatibility for the new shop order statuses to prevent old style get_post queries breaking
  • max amount option for coupons
  • Deprecated Mijireh gateway
  • Added Simplify Commerce gateway
  • Added a 3rd parameter on the process_refund() method for $reason
  • Refund API

Help translate 2.2

The latest 2.2 POT files have been pushed to Transifex meaning you can get involved in the translations here: https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/woocommerce/

Thanks to everyone who submits a translation!

Download the latest beta

We’re happy to hear your feedback about 2.2 and would appriciate any bug reports going directly to Github.

Download 2.2 Beta 1

If you find a bug with the beta, please ensure you prepend the ticket title with [2.2] when submitting the issue to GitHub, or at least mention what version you are using in the ticket description.

Thanks again.

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