Storefront Theme Release Notes

Storefront 2.5.1 release notes

Storefront 2.5.1 has been tagged for release and uploaded to

Here’s what’s changed pulled directly from the changelog:

Feature - WooCommerce Product Recommendations integration.
Enhancement - Add support for color styles in the "Table" block.
Fix - "Separator" block styles preview styling.
Fix - Increase Shipping Methods cell size on the Checkout page.
Fix - Stop logo image from overlapping with the "Menu" toggle on small screens.
Fix - Cover block placeholder layout.
Fix - Cover block paragraph size and default color.
Fix - Floated images alignment when using the "Image" block.
Fix - Uneven form input widths on checkout page.
Fix - Composite Products: Layout issue limited to Bundles contained in Composites when the "Hide Thumbnail" option of a bundled product is hidden.
Fix - Fixed an edge case where a PHP warning could show up when going through the NUX.
Fix - Removed CSS rule that forced a 2-column layout on cart cross-sells.
Fix - "Product Filter" widget styling on small screens.
Fix - Add styling for number input type.
Fix - Warning in the Query Monitor plugin when using Jetpack without the "Infinite Scroll" module enabled.
Dev - Removed minification from front-end stylesheets since it makes the files impossible to read for folks trying to do simple tweaks.
Dev - Moved style.css "do not edit" note to a non important comment.
Dev - Updated node dependencies.

Download the latest release of Storefront here or venture over to Dashboard → Updates to update your theme from WordPress.

As usual, if you spot any other issues, please log them in detail on Github.

By Tiago Noronha

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