WooCommerce Core

WooCommerce 3.6.2

WooCommerce 3.6.2 is now available. This release fixes backwards compatibility with themes, a conflict with WooCommerce Blocks 1.4.0, and more.

~100 commits made it into this release and the full changelog is below.

* Fix - [3.6.x] Fix CSS classname conflict with themes due to missing product object global. #23377
* Fix - [3.6.x] Fix security check on email template preview page. #23356
* Fix - [3.6.x] Prevent `wc_ascii_uasort_comparison` throwing notices in some server configs. #23363
* Fix - [3.6.x] `is_request_to_rest_api` should check for wc endpoints only. #23372
* Fix - [3.6.x] Fixed use of get_term_meta in REST API endpoints. #23457
* Fix - [3.6.x] Fixed missing closing tag for log-in link for reviews. #23445
* Fix - [3.6.x] Fixed average_rating in the db upgrade routine for lookup table. #23465
* Fix - [3.6.x] More useful update notices if cron is disabled. #23383
* Fix - [3.6.x] Prevent term ordering queries inserted by wc_terms_clauses from conflicting with custom where clauses. #23449
* Fix - [3.6.x] When product lookup table is generating for the first time, avoid wrong stock statuses being set for variable products. #23455
* Fix - [3.6.x] Ensure webhooks respect registered order args. #23444
* Fix - [3.6.x] REST API - Return custom attribute with defined name instead of lowercase name. #23482
* Fix - [3.6.x] Fix 3.6 conflict with Woo Blocks plugin 1.4. #23399
* Fix - [3.6.x] Allow default sorting of WC taxonomies to be overwritten by get_terms orderby. #23477
* Fix - [3.6.x] Improve wc_rating_count lookup table generation with large numbers of posts. #23486
* Fix - [3.6.x] Avoid recurring event for suggestions updates. #23484
* Fix - Revert selectWoo escaping change and instead escape user names. Avoids issues displaying slash characters. #23334
* Fix - If an empty array is passed to the v3 API for images, images should be unset. #23339
* Fix - Fix attribute renaming when dealing with unicode characters. #23132
* Fix - Preserve full-stops in external product URLs. #23196
* Fix - Add check for VAT exemption inside `display_prices_including_tax`. #23201
* Fix - Avoid post update in `wc_update_product_stock` to prevent product titles being updated. #23249
* Fix - Updated Back to Items link when editing attribute terms. #23238
* Fix - Network orders widget not showing orders when installed as a network plugin. #23270
* Fix - Correctly map attributes in CSV when the number is not at the end of the cell. #23251
* Fix - Fixed highlighting of Orders list item in My Account when looking at individual order. #23236
* Fix - Applies `wp_strip_all_tags` to the line item name when building PayPal request URL. #23297
* Fix - Non int value handling in `wc_let_to_num`. #23329
* Fix - Style span.description elements after select2 boxes. #23252
* Fix - Switch to subquery for sale products to prevent large query errors on some hosting environments. #23266
* Fix - Add offerCount to variable product structured data. #23349
* Fix - Cart widget - Allow title to be removed. #23370
* Fix - Prevent order data being escaped incorrectly on save when using quotes. #23380
* Fix - Prevent plugins causing notices by calling get_catalog_ordering_args incorrectly. #23451
* Fix - Product list view shipping class filter display correct products. #23446
* Fix - Twenty Seventeen On Sale badge hidden behind product image. #23450
* Fix - Correct postcode validation on my-account page. #23483
* Fix - Fixed compatibility with the Jetpack Beta Tester plugin when loading the Tracks client library. #23397
* Fix - Updated anchor for "How to create a child theme" with the correct target address in the Codex. #23469
* Tweak - Update action scheduler to version 2.2.5. #23489
* Tweak - Removed 2 old admin notices for featured moved in past versions. #23263
* Localization - Make the state/county field optional at checkout for Greece. #23365

Download the latest release of WooCommerce here or venture over to Dashboard → Updates to update your plugins from WordPress.

As usual, if you spot any other issues in WooCommerce core please log them in detail on Github, and to disclose a security issue to our team, please submit a report via HackerOne here. Comments on this post are closed.