Storefront Theme Release Notes

Storefront 2.3.3 release notes

Storefront 2.3.3 has been tagged for release and uploaded to

Here’s what’s changed pulled directly from the changelog:

* Tweak - Removed `user-scalable=no` from the viewport meta tag to allow for zooming on mobile browsers.
* Tweak - Allow for a flexible height on the site logo.
* Tweak - Only try to add title from `data-title` to responsive table columns that have this attribute set.
* Fix - Prevent select box from overflowing its wrapping container.
* Fix - Fixed handheld sub navigation dropdown toggle color. It now uses the same color set for the links.
* Fix - Fixed price label direction when in RTL.
* Fix - Removed related products static number of columns. It will now use the value from the wrapper `ul.products`.
* Fix - Removed font weight from default link styles for better compatibility with design plugins.
* Fix - Fixed H3 scopping in WooCommerce Brands integration.
* Fix - Fixed bundle layout issues in Composite Products integration.

Download the latest release of Storefront here or venture over to Dashboard → Updates to update your theme from WordPress.

As usual, if you spot any other issues, please log them in detail on Github.

By Tiago Noronha

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