Roadmapping Core via Trello

Up until now ideas and roadmapping in general have been spread out across several places; todo lists, a GitHub Wiki page, within old GitHub issues, an ideas board, even private Google docs. As you can imagine, this was a nightmare to manage, let alone do any useful planning.

In an attempt to rectify this, we’ve decided to unify our Roadmap into a single Trello board; the WooCommerce roadmap.

The WooCommerce Roadmap
The WooCommerce Roadmap

Inspired by this post on the Trello blog, the board is public with voting enabled and can be used by anyone. Log ideas, comment, and vote on everything.

So what will we use this Roadmap for? Many things!

  • Getting feedback from devs and power users
  • Prioritising things developers need via card voting
  • Interacting with the community
  • Submitting ideas to core
  • Giving brave developers some hardcore issues to work on, or think about which are not planned in the short term
  • Organising ideas into future milestones
  • Separating add-on ideas from core-worthy ideas

How does this fit in with Github you ask? Well, Github should be used for issues we definitely need or want to work on short term. Bugs for example will still go to Github. Feature requests (or larger ideas for the medium to long term) can go to the Roadmap for feedback and voting.

The Trello board is open now and has been populated with the old roadmap items from the (no defunct) Github wiki. See you there!