WooCommerce Core

WC 2.2 RC1 is here


WC 2.2 Release Candidate 1 has today been tagged. If all goes well, the final release will be happening wednesday. You can compare the changes since beta 3 here.

If you have not tested a theme/plugin yet (what have you been doing?) you have ~48 hours to do so if you want to beat the release of the new version.

You can download the release candidate here:

If you are testing plugins and they are not showing up, ensure you name the plugin folder ‘woocommerce’ (removing the -2.2.0-RC1) when moving it into your plugins directory.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release so far!

By Mike Jolley

Mike Jolley is a tech hobbyist, astrophotographer, retro gamer, and software engineer who works at Automattic and contributes to open-source projects such as WordPress and WooCommerce.