Developer Advisory

Compatibility Issue with E2E Environment and WordPress 5.7

tl;dr The built in testing container/server in the @woocommerce/e2e-environment package does not initialize properly with WordPress 5.7. We plan to release an update to the package next week that will include a fix for this issue. The details After each WordPress release, the Docker-WordPress project releases companion images providing docker-compose support for that version of WordPress. The e2e-environment container does not […]

Developer Resources

Jump-start your End-to-end Testing with the WooCommerce E2E Boilerplate

End-to-end tests are a powerful way to help you ship your WooCommerce Extension free of defects, but they’re hard to set up initially. As a result, many extension developers never experience the benefits of end-to-end testing and spend more time on bugs they shipped to production. Today, we’re shipping an End-to-End Testing Boilerplate to help […]

Platform Tools Release Notes

E2E Package Releases

We recently released updates to all of our end-to-end testing packages: @woocommerce/api version 0.1.1 @woocommerce/e2e-core-tests version 0.1.1 @woocommerce/e2e-environment version 0.2.0 @woocommerce/e2e-utils version 0.1.2 Below you’ll find an overview of what has changed for each of these packages. @woocommerce/api This release contained compatibility fixes for the core tests and utilities packages. There were no new features […]

WooCommerce Core

Action Scheduler 3.0

Action Scheduler 3.0 is a major release, which means it breaks backward compatibility with previous versions. Before updating, we strongly recommend that you ensure your theme and plugins are compatible and make sufficient backups for peace of mind.