Developer Office Hours: November Edition

November is here, and so is our next iteration of office hours. We have been talking a lot about Cart and Checkout Blocks, so it should come as no surprise that we will be dedicating another Office Hours to this topic.

This Month’s Office Hours

We will hold office hours on Wednesday, November 15th from 16:00UTC until 17:00 UTC in the #developers channel on the WooCommerce Community Slack

As I’ve mentioned before, this month, we will be joined by a familiar team: The folks behind the Cart and Checkout Blocks. You may have read our recent developer advisory announcing that the Cart and Checkout Blocks will become the default experience with the release of WooCommerce 8.3.

You may have also read up on our series, Getting to Know Woo: A Series on the Cart and Checkout Blocks.

In this session of the office hours, we want to hear your thoughts and questions on everything Cart and Checkout Blocks related.

As always, let us know what topics you’d like us to bring to the office hours by dropping a comment or reaching out to us in Slack.

See you soon!

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