WooCommerce Blocks 9.3.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 9.3.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release contains a new customer account block, numerous minor bug fixes, and improvements that enhance the stability of certain blocks.

New Customer Account block is now available

This block contains a link to the Login and My Account pages and was added to the Header and Footer patterns. It’s possible to customize this block to be displayed as text-only, icon-only, or icon and text. You can also select the icon style.

Customer account block selected

Highlight incompatible payment gateways within the Cart & Checkout Blocks

If you use any incompatible payment gateways, you will now get a warning notice in the editor side of the `Cart` & `Checkout` Blocks:

In the `Payment Options` Inner Block of the `Checkout` Block, we also display a warning under incompatible payment gateways:

Display “Add review” link when product has no rating

If a product has no ratings, “Add rating” link appears instead of stars. The idea is to help preserve the layout and eventually be a consistent way to link shoppers directly to the rating results for the product.

Product with Add review link

Apply rate limiting to non-admin users only

If you enable the rate limiting filter for Store API, it will only be applied to non-admin users. You can now edit our Blocks without being restricted by the rate limiting on the admin side!

Various other bug fixes, enhancements, and updates to documentation are detailed in the changelog below.



  • The filter by attribute, price, rating, and stock blocks are no longer reloaded when selected in the editor. (8002)
  • Products and All Products: Display “Add review” link when there’s no product rating. (7929)
  • Product Query: Create a variation of core/post-template as a Product Query inner block. (7838)
  • Mini Cart block: Added notice support. (7234)

Bug Fixes

  • Don’t check for validation on pushChange. (8029)
  • Fix: Ensure that the Checkout Order Summary block is showing of WooCommerce Blocks instead the WooCommerce core translations. (7995)
  • Update Mini Cart, Cart and Checkout button styles so they follow theme styles in Twenty Twenty Three and Zaino themes. (7992)
  • Disable Rate Limiting when editing Blocks in admin. (7934)


  • Show cart view switcher when inner blocks are selected. (8006)
  • Cart Block: Fixed the console error displayed when an invalid coupon was added to the cart. (7969)
  • Add “Customer Account” block to header and footer patterns. (7944)
  • Add the new Customer Account block. (7876)
  • Highlight incompatible payment gateways in the Cart & Checkout Blocks. (7412)

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