WooCommerce Blocks 7.3.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 7.3.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release contains some changes for Mini Cart Block, WooCommerce block templates and more.

Mini Cart

This release brings the Mini Cart block to the WooCommerce Blocks Feature Plugin. Meaning with the plugin now installed and activated it will be available from the Site Editor (when using a block theme) and the widget screen (when using a classic theme).

Legacy Block to Classic Block

We’ve also renamed all instances of the “Legacy Block” (The placeholder block which renders Woo PHP templates on the frontend) to the “Classic Block”.

Product Ratings Block

We were able to add Global Styles font size and spacing support to the Product Rating block. This means you can now include this block in a template if you’re using the full site editor, and change its appearance everywhere it appears on your site from one place.



  • Prevent deprecation messages causing PHP warnings. (6074)
  • Product Ratings: Add Global Styles font size and spacing support. (5927)
  • Add resource hinting for cart and checkout blocks to improve first time performance. (5553)
  • Add Mini Cart block to feature plugin (6127)

Bug Fixes

  • Show warnings when form is incomplete on Checkout. (6116)
  • Filter Products by Attribute: Make dropdown search case sensitive. (6096)
  • Stop showing the price slider skeleton when moving the slider handles. (6078)


  • Rename Legacy Template block to Classic Template block. (6021)

5 responses to “WooCommerce Blocks 7.3.0 Release Notes”

  1. Been meaning to ask this for a while now, but where/what exactly is this “Mini Cart” block? There is even mention of it over on the docs page here:
    However, if you’ll notice there as well, there are no pictures/images of this aforementioned “Mini Cart” block.
    And opening up the Gutenberries and typing the forward slash, only gives users the choice of the regular cart block. So, can someone elaborate more on what the Mini cart block is?


    1. tobinfekkes Avatar

      Gutenberries. Brilliant!

    2. Hey @brad You know on some themes there is the cart at the top right of a page that updates as you add products to it? Storefront has it by default but some themes don’t? That’s the Mini Cart

      Here I’ve added it to the header of my test site that uses Twenty Twenty-Two theme: Gif – https://d.pr/i/gQteXt

    3. Albert Juhé Lluveras Avatar
      Albert Juhé Lluveras

      Hi there Brad, the Mini Cart block is only available from the Site Editor (when using a block theme) and the widget screen (when using a classic theme); meaning it’s not available in the post/page editor as most other blocks. Hope it helps!

      I updated the post copy to clarify this.

  2. Alter this update customize will crash, because blocks needs more than 256 MB memory_limit. No issue before. Never noticed a high memory usage before.

    woocommerce/packages/woocommerce-blocks/src/Assets/AssetDataRegistry.php Error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1105920 bytes)

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