WooCommerce Blocks Release Notes

WooCommerce Blocks 5.4.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 5.4.0 is now available for download from GitHub and

This release includes updates to the express payment section in Cart and Checkout blocks, an update to the hand-picked block, and several bug fixes.



  • Made script and style handles consistent. (4324)
  • Show loading state in the express payments area whilst payment is processing or the page is redirecting. (4228)
  • Allow products to be added by SKU in the Hand-Picked Products block. (4366)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a warning shown when fees are included in the order. (4360)
  • Prevent PHP notice for variable products without enabled variations. (4317)


  • Add Slot in the Discounts section of the Checkout sidebar to allow third party extensions to render their own components there. (4310)

By Nadir Seghir

Software Engineer on the WooCommerce Checkout team.

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