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Theme and Plugin Developer Handbooks

All of the important information you need when developing plugins and themes for WooCommerce has been summarized, compiled, and aggregated it into two helpful guides: the WooCommerce Theme Developer Handbook and the WooCommerce Plugin Developer Handbook.

These handbooks contain overviews, examples, best practices, and links to other relevant documents. They are an excellent way for people beginning WooCommerce development to get up-to-speed as well as a useful reference for experienced developers.

You can check them out here:

We recommend bookmarking them so you have a handy place to go any time you run into a question while developing WooCommerce-compatible plugins and themes.

If you notice any important topic or links to documentation you reference regularly missing from these handbooks please leave a comment below so we can make these as useful as possible for everyone.

7 replies on “Theme and Plugin Developer Handbooks”

Hallelujah! This is great work! One request, a really clear guide to hooks and actions. This is the bit that takes a LONG time to work out if you don’t develop with woocommerce constantly.

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Yeah, I’m aware of that (thanks for posting for others). It’s just very hard/slow to use. It could really do with a graphical form, or better navigation. The reference doesn’t show how things work together. The search does not function for hook reference either, so finding a particular hook and usage, for example is almost impossible (try searching ‘shipping calculator’, as an example – no results!).

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We are an ECommerce which have many partner in the country. We use our partner to do logistics and we need a function like assign a partner for each orders in woocommerce. After confirm the order payment, press a button can shoot a notification to the partner about all the order shipping detail. And a full report per month of each order, including commission, products, order id, total price and more.


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