WooCommerce 2.6.1 fix release notes

The WooCommerce 2.6.1 fix release is now available. You can download it onWordPress.org or as an automatic update in your administration panel.

~43 commits made it into this release fixing several minor issues and making some small tweaks to things such as the updater. The main fixes/updates are as follows.

  • Our background updater relies on a wp_remote_post to call itself and on some installs (such as those behind a security plugin or password) this may fail. As a fallback we also have a cron job, however, we’ve discovered some user’s sites do not have working cron (!) causing the updater to never run. To combat this, 2.6.1 includes a a manual ‘run updater’ link in the notice which will trigger the update.
  • Users using commas in their currency and creating orders manually in the backend were seeing totals miscalculated. This has been resolved.
  • A use case where items are free, but shipping was paid, was not supported by the PayPal Standard gateway. This has been fixed by sending shipping as a line item when this occurs.
  • We’ve fixed support for ‘skus’ on our shortcodes.
  • We’ve fixed layered nav counts when WP term splitting has not kicked in yet (causing term_ids to differ from term_taxonomy_ids).
  • Theme devs take note, we updated the content-product.php and content-product_cat.php  in 2.6 to handle the loop classes differently, but forgot to bump the template version. We’ve done that now. You may need to update your versions to match.

The full changelog for 2.6.1 is below.

* Fix - Added missing localized format for line taxes in orders screen to prevent total miscalculation in manual orders.
* Fix - Improved the hour and time fields validation pattern on the orders screen.
* Fix - PayPal does not allow free products, but paid shipping. Workaround by sending shipping as a line item if it is the only cost.
* Fix - SKUs prop on products shortcode.
* Fix - Layered nav counts when term_id does not match term_taxonomy_id (before splitting).
* Fix - Fixed referer links from cart messages in WP 4.4.
* Fix - Fix the showing/hiding of panels when terms do not exist by using wc_get_product_types() for retrieving product types.
* Dev - content-product.php and content-product_cat.php contained the wrong version.
* Dev - Show "matching zone" notice on the frontend when shipping debug mode is on.
* Dev - Restored missing WC_Settings_API::init_form_fields() method to prevent potential errors in 3rd party gateways.
* Dev - API - Fixed returned data from product images (changed title to name).
* Dev - API - Fixed products schema for grouped_products.
* Dev - API - Fixed products attribute options when contains ,.
* Tweak - Hide 'payment methods' screen if no methods support it.
* Tweak - If shipping method count changes, reset to default.
* Tweak - Avoid normalization of zone postcodes so wildcard matching can be performed on postcodes with spaces. E.g. SP1 *
* Tweak - Allow max_fee in addition to min_fee in flat rate costs fields.
* Tweak - Wrap order_schema_markup() output in hidden div in case script tag is stripped.

If you spot any further issues, please report them to us in detail on Github so the development team can review – comments on this post are closed.